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AHA backs video games to fight obesity

May 21 7:23 a.m.

"Talk about strange bedfellows. The American Heart Association and Nintendo Co. are teaming up to promote the popular Wii video game console, as the health advocacy group concedes that its campaign for traditional exercise isn't working." Read More

Efficient Running for Fat Burning

May 19 11:38 a.m.

Men's Health rethinks stride, distance, speed and other things you may be taking for granted. Read More

What is Chi Running?

May 19 9:43 a.m.

"ChiRunning belongs to a hot trend also being trod by barefoot runners, says running advocate (and ARA Director) Dave Watt of Springfield, Va. Landing on your heels is out and possibly the damage that comes with it. 'You're less likely to strike your heel hard if you're not wearing shoes or one of the minimalist shoes,' says Watt" Read More

Warming Up: What's the Deal?

May 18 7:35 a.m.

"Those runners had a very different routine, he says. They spent about 15 minutes doing sort of a slow shuffle. There they were, a long line of elites, going around and around the warm-up area, barely lifting their legs." Read More

Scott Jurek to the extreme

May 14 11:20 a.m.

He eats no meat. He runs 160 miles at a shot. He's Scott Jurek. Read More

Tera Moody - super runner, insomniac

May 13 6:17 a.m.

"The wood is lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep." Robert Frost wasn't writing about world class marathoners, but Tera Moody takes the words to heart. Read More

Olympic Marathon Champ Seeks Roots

May 12 2:20 p.m.

How do you keep them on the farm once they've seen Sydney? Ask Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist Naoko Takahashi. Read More

Track on the Radar

May 11 6:31 a.m.

The popularity of track as a spectator sport is growing by leaps and bounds (and sprints). Read More

Overdose of C, E may be carcinogenic

May 06 8:18 a.m.

Check your multi. Too much of vitamins C and E may increase cancer risk. Read More

Running for a reason - and a Cause

May 05 4:27 a.m.

“People have embraced it as a way to give their purpose of running that marathon an extra jolt,” says Dave Watt, executive director of the American Running Association. “People do select races because it [fundraising money] goes to worthy causes.” Read More

Displaying 291 - 300 of 544

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