Youth Fitness Educational Articles

Distance Running for Children
Outlines recommendations from the Committee on Sports Medicine of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Quality Physical Education
Provides tips on what to look for in a good school-based physical education program.
Questions for Your Child's Checkup
Provides tips for speaking with your child's doctor about his/her development level and recommendations for appropriate activity participation.
Sending Fitness Messages to Children
Includes a quiz to test your score as a "fitness booster" for your child.
Shoe Styles for PE Classes
Stated in a question and answer format, discusses recommended shoes for participation in PE classes.
Sports Programs for Children
Discusses how to choose appropriate sports programs for children based on age and skill level.
Stretching Can Be Fun
Outlines ideas for encouraging elementary school age to stretch.
Weight Training for Children?
Stated in a question and answer format, discusses recommendations for youth who weight train.

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