Programs & Resources

One-on-One, Walk & Run Program

This is a a motivational physical activity program that encourages parents and teachers to team up with their children in a regimen of daily walking and walking-running, to improve their physical fitness condition and help those kids who are overweight. The program uses the American Running Association's 12-Week Walk-Run schedule.

American Medical Athletic Association

The AMERICAN MEDICAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (AMAA) formerly the American Medical Joggers Association and now the professional division of the American Running Association, is comprised of doctors and allied health care professionals who are committed to enhancing the well-being of patients through the promotion of running and exercise.

American Road Race Medical Society

The AMERICAN ROAD RACE MEDICAL SOCIETY(ARRMS), another professional division of the American Running Association, brings together all medical professionals: physicians, EMTs, nurses, physical therapists, physican assistants, and others who work or volunteer at any road race from the 5k to the ultramarathon. Many of the founding members of ARRMS have been at the forefront of “running medicine."

Running Shoe Database

This interactive guide to shoe selection can help you find the perfect running shoes to meet your personal needs.Click here to go to the Running Shoe Database now

The ARA Clinic

The American Running Association has a volunteer Clinic Advisory Board representing 27 different specialties, who answer American Running Members' training, nutrition, health, and sports medicine questions. Members can write to Clinic Advisors in the Member Only section of this Web site.

Programs & Resources