Benefits of Becoming an ARA Member



Running & FitNews (bi-monthly, e-newsletter)

This fitness newsletter is ideal for helping runners and other exercisers improve their training and learn more about preventing, treating, and rehabilitating running-related injuries. It's filled with the latest developments on health, nutrition, sports medicine, and training. To view a sample issue of Running & FitNews, click here. To view the Running & FitNews Editorial Board, click here.

Free Medical/Training Advice

For medical, nutritional, or training questions related to your sport, American Running Members can write to "The Clinic" and receive answers from up to three different American Running sports medicine advisors—for FREE.

Answers to Fitness Questions
American Running will research your health-related or training questions and answer them quickly and accurately.

Free Enrollment in the ActiveAdvantage* Program (normally $59.95/year)

Our partner,, has partnered with leading travel, communications, and sports industry leaders to offer incredible values on a wide array of products and services through the ActiveAdvantage program. And the best part about it, is that American Running Association members receive this program for FREE. Learn more about ActiveAdvantageIf you are a member who needs set up your ActiveAdvantage account (THIS MUST BE DONE ANNUALLY TO MAINTAIN THE ACTIVE ADVANTAGE MEMBERSHIP), please click here.

Affiliation with Sports Medicine Professionals
The American Running Association's professional divisions, the American Medical Athletic Association and World Road Race Medical Society, is made up of leading sports medicine professionals who are dedicated to the sport of running.