AMAA Journal Winter 2012 Vol 25 No1

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Thu, 1 Oct. 2015 - 3:23 a.m.
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Cardiac Deaths in Marathons Much Lower than
Previously Thought
Steve Nearman

Treating Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Use of Automated
External Defibrillators in the Community Setting
Edward H. Nessel, R,Ph, MS, MPH, PharmD

Experience Tells Us:
Running with Sjögren’s Syndrome
Beverly C. Handy, MD, MS and Dexter R. Handy, Lt Colonel, USAF Ret

Talking About Training: Best-Kept Secrets
Joe Henderson

ARR MS has a New Name
George Chiampas, DO

Book Review:
Build a Better Athlete: What’s Wrong with
American Sports and How to Fix It
Douglas F. Munch, PhD

Member Profile:
In Memorium: Tomas J. Bassler, MD
Jeff Venables