AMAA Journal Winter 2011 Vol 24 No 1

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Thu, 1 Oct. 2015 - 3:14 a.m.
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Movement Disorder Management for All Specialties
Patrick J. Hogan III, DO

Disuse and Aging
Walter M. Bortz II, MD

Post Injury Running Shoe Recommendations for the
Return to Participation for Sports Medicine Professionals
Bruce R. Wilk, PT, OCS and Anthony R. Di Mercurio

Marine Corps Marathon Symposium Recap
COL Francis G O’Connor, MD, MPH

Talking About Training: A Visit with George Sheehan
Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

Book review: Unbroken / The Last Boy
Paul J. Kiell, MD

Member Profile:
Judi Babb: Running Doctors in Races,
by Subversion if Necessary
Jeff Venables