AMAA Journal Fall 2010 Vol 23 No3

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Thu, 1 Oct. 2015 - 3:11 a.m.
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Running and the Eye
Edsel Ing, MD, FRCSC

In It for the Long Run
George Chiampas, DO and Chris Troyanos, ATC

Sports Dietary Supplements: Overview and
Effect on the Gluten-Sensitive Athlete
Sara Keihanian, MD; Kristen Burke; and John Levey, MD, MBA

ARRMS to Launch Distance Learning Program
Chris Troyanos, ATC

The Neuro-Biology of Competition
Edward H. Nessel, RPh, MS, MPH, PharmD

Book Review:
Exercise and the Mind: The Possibilities for
Mind-Body-Spirit Unity
Patrick J. Hogan, III, MD

Member Profile:
Thomas Howard, MD
A Cutting-Edge Medical Career for a Military Man
Jeff Venables