AMAA Journal Winter/Fall 2016 Vol 29 No 3

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Mon, 23 Jan. 2017 - 6:17 p.m.
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Messages from the President
Cathy Fieseler, MD

How Curiosity Killed the Cramp:
Emerging Science on the Cause and Prevention of Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps
Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM

Psychological Effect of Injury on the Athlete:
A Recommendation for Psychological Intervention
Shelly Sheinbein, MS

Should You Change an Athlete's Natural Running Form?
Thomas C. Michaud, DC

Runners of Yesteryear
Paul J. KIell, MD

Book Review:
Swim: Why we Love the Water, Blue Mind, and Swimming in the Sink*
Douglas F. Munch, PhD and Paul J. Kiell, MD

Member Profile: Mark Lavallee, MD, CSCS, FACSM; Overcoming Early Obstacles and Paying it Forward
Jeff Venables

* On page 17, in the book review of Swimming in the Sink, we incorrectly printed that a normal ejection fraction of the heart is 15-70%. The number should have, instead, read 50-70%.