AMAA Journal Fall 2014 Vol 27 No 3

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Tue, 10 Nov. 2015 - 3:40 a.m.
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The Care and Nurturing of the Breathing Process
Edward H. Nessel, RPh, MS, MPH, PharmD

Good Nutrition Prepares Native American Adolescents
for the Future
Douglas F. Munch, PhD

Talking About Training:
Three Common Misconceptions about Minimalist Footwear
and Running Form
Jeff Gaudette

AMAA Keeps Nurturing Young Milers as MILE DAYS Turns
8 Years Old in May
Jeff Venables

Book Review:
The Hunger Fix
Douglas F. Munch, PhD

Member Profile:
Bill Borowski Helps AMAA Gain an Annual Home in Dallas
Jeff Venables