Asked 8 years, 3 months ago

Must I Have Knee Surgery?

I am a 137-lb., 5’ 4” female and I have had two arthroscopic knee surgeries to resolve a torn meniscus and frayed cartilage and bone chips resulting from a fall five years ago. The first surgery entailed drilling a hole in my femur to help blood supply rebuild the damage to my knee. I was consequently on one knee for more than eight weeks and suffered overuse injury to that knee. I racewalk, bike, and rollerblade currently, having been told never to run again. I have been diagnosed with a shifted kneecap in the originally injured knee, and my orthopedic surgeon wants to do major surgery to repair it.

Is this really necessary? I have read a lot about similar problems being corrected through exercise. I should add that there is evidence of osteoarthritis as a result of the injury and my age (52). I have been a runner only since I was 24 and wonder is it really the case that I may never run again? Also, is surgery the only answer for the current patella abnormality?

Brook Lemm
Minneapolis, MN


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