Asked 8 years, 3 months ago

Should I have surgery to repair knee problems?

Left Knee Joint Woes

My partially dislocated, off-center knee joint has caused me tendinitis on and off in my left knee over the years. I completed my sixth marathon recently and near the end of my training, I began to notice a grating feeling as I was climbing stairs. Due to rotator cuff repair, I took 10 weeks off from running after the marathon, gradually built back up and now am running and spinning at the gym on a regular basis. My longest runs are currently nine miles. I do feel knee pain at times going up the stairs, though I have done strengthening exercises, such as lunges and squats, for a number of years.

My sports medicine physician said the patellar subluxation was the root cause, though now he has also diagnosed arthritis in my knees. I'm taking glucosamine and continuing the strengthening exercises—presently weight-bearing straight leg raises. What is your take on the effectiveness of surgery to repair the subluxing? And assuming I'm able to stabilize the alignment problem in my knee and continue training, can running cause the arthritis to spread more quickly?

Karen Larson
Rockville, MD


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