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How should I treat groin inflammation?

Is Groin Inflammation Common in Distance Runners?

I’ve written to you in the past about pain in my groin area. Last year I found a good chiropractor, who recommended exercises known as the Active Release Technique, which has helped in the healing of scar tissue in that area. However, in the last month, pain in the middle groin area became so severe that I could not perform any physical activity. After several examinations—including a CT scan, prostate exam, x-rays, and blood tests—an unusual injury was detected. It has been diagnosed as osteitis pubis, but in my case, there is a widening gap of the pubic symphysis, toward the bottom. [ed. note: the pubic symphysis is the slightly moveable joint at the front of the pelvis.] Cartilage loss and bone damage are present, causing pain in that area.

My surgeon has never seen this condition before, since there was never any trauma to that area. It is most likely the result of being a runner for 25 years. The recommendation is rest and non-impact activities. My surgeon is actually doing research on the subject, to determine the actual cause and prescribe the right rehab program. I am scheduled to be re-evaluated in two weeks.

Is the degree of this injury common among distance runners? How long will it take to heal, and when can I return to running regularly? My own limited research on the subject has introduced me to cortisone and prolotherapy injections, various drugs and surgeries, and an extended period of rest as all possible remedies.

Mark Roosevelt
Wakefield, AZ


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