Asked 8 years, 4 months ago

Can pain on my left side cause pain on my right side?

In Solving Pain on the Right, Don’t Ignore Left Side Pain

I am a 5’ 3”, 120-lb, 43-year-old female distance runner with five marathons under my belt. I have been running a total of about seven years. I had piriformis syndrome on the left side, but I can live with that. My new problem is pain at the iliac spine on the right side. [Editor’s note: the piriformis muscle moves the thigh and helps to extend it. The “iliac” or “inguinal” region refers to the groin.] It hurts to adduct the right leg behind the left. At slow speeds I can run through the pain, but it is too painful if I try to run fast. My x-ray came out negative, and I plan to get an MRI. I am currently training for a marathon and hope to have this resolved soon.

Dawn Heinrich
Wolfeboro, NH


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