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Does summer salt consumption put me at risk of hypertension?

Hypertension Concerns

I am a 53-year-old female with 25 years of running under my belt. I currently run about 35 miles a week, as I’m training for a marathon. I am 5’ 5” and 120 lbs. I run a 5K in 24:30 and a marathon in about 4:15. I do tempo runs, long runs, and speedwork.

I consume an enormous amount of salt, and it concerns me. I do not particularly like salt, but find, most often in the summer, that I crave it. I do sweat profusely. I have a history of hypertension in the family. At 120 over 75, my blood pressure is still good, if slightly higher than the 110 over 60 from 10 years ago. Recently two of my running buddies, who happen to be very strong athletes, have developed hypertension; this surprises and worries me. Without a lot of salt, my training schedule makes me very lethargic. Can my sodium intake be harmful? How often should I check my blood pressure? I am a bit of a type-A personality and have had trouble sleeping, plus hot flashes associated with menopause. I really wish to avoid developing hypertension.

Sue Fenimore
Baltimore, MD


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