Asked 8 years, 3 months ago

How do I treat hyperkeratosis (excessively hard skin)?

Hyperkeratosis is Hereditary

On the heels of both my feet, as well as the area just below my toes on the bottom of each foot, I have rock-hard tissue that I have attempted to treat to no avail. On the advice of both physicians and podiatrists I have applied moisturizing cream three times a day, put cushioned insoles inside my shoes, soaked my feet in both hot water and hot water with Epsom salts, and rubbed my feet with a pumice stone. This last treatment in particular was a lot of effort and yielded almost no result. The only treatment that has had any results worth noting was rubbing vitamin E oil into the hard areas three times a day. While this appeared to soften my feet, it was such a mess that I deemed it not worth it. The oil got inside my shoes, socks, bed sheets, etc. and there was simply no way to contain it. Any additional solutions to this problem, which I suspect many people have had, would be greatly appreciated.

Richard DeAngelis


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