Asked 8 years, 2 months ago

Can I do high-intensity exercise with diabetes?

I’m 62, 4' 10", 95 pounds. I have been fighting diabetes for three years without medication, and have been able to consistently keep my morning readings below 110. However, I’ve noticed after high-intensity tennis or running, my blood sugar count is often in the 200 range. An hour or so later, the level is back down to around 120. My tennis games are very competitive, and I play four or five times a week. Am I harming my body? In addition to tennis, I try to speedwalk or jog 20 miles a week, and I’ve noticed my blood sugar level does not spike on days when I just speedwalk. By comparison, my last run was a 5K at 9:15 mile pace, and my blood sugar level was 240 ten minutes after the race. My diet consists mainly of vegetables, oil and protein.

Susan Stevens, Los Angeles, CA


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