Asked 8 years, 2 months ago

Should I be worried about elevated blood pressure after a long run?

I am 54 years old, 123 pounds, 5' 3" and have been running all my life. I run at least five days a week, mostly three to five miles a day, though one day a week I do a long run. One Saturday morning, I did 10 miles. On Sunday, my blood pressure (BP) and pulse were taken. My pulse was in the 50s but my
pressure was 150 over 87, the highest it's ever been. It's usually about 100 over 60 to 70; it used to be lower, but I have mitral valve regurgitation. [Editor's note: This is the backward leaking of blood in the heart from the left ventricle (lower chamber) to the left atrium (upper chamber).] My doctor says it's okay to run. What can cause such high BP? Am I overtraining?

Fran Richardson, Duncan, AZ


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