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Am I at risk for diabetes?

I’m a 63-year-old male. I‘ve been running for 22 years and run about five miles six days a week at 10:00 pace. I have a strong family history of diabetes.

The results of my glucose tolerance test were a low of 60 and a high of 99. [Editor’s note: in a “glucose tolerance test,” a fasting level of glucose (simple sugar) in the blood is obtained, then various levels two or more hours after drinking a glucose solution, to determine whether the glucose level in the blood remains abnormally high after sugar intake.]

For years, there would be days I’d get weak-kneed after a mile and a half, and then shake it off a mile or so later and feel fine. Bagels, sports drinks or energy bars before runs often give me that feeling during the run—even if I consume them several hours beforehand. But black coffee and a glass of orange juice before a run never seem to cause me any trouble.

My doctor says it is mild hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Since he’s not a runner, what are the implications of this? Is it common? Do you think I’ll become diabetic?

Howard Leftis, Bloomfield, MI


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