Asked 8 years, 3 months ago

What can I do about persistent right-side problems?

Right-Side Woes That Just Won’t Quit

My long-time problem is on the right side of my leg and at any given time involves one or more of a sore hip, hurt knee, or pulled hamstring. My two main sports are running and soccer. I play soccer about six months of the year, and have run ten marathons, but none in the past three years. It was then that I originally pulled my right hamstring playing soccer. That same summer, while marathon training, I pulled the same hamstring again, and then a month later developed a knee injury on the right side. In the two years since, I have had problems off and on, all on my right side.

I have gone through a few good months here and there, even running a half-marathon race, but for the past six months I have really been battling. I barely get going, starting, say, with right hip problems, then over the next two months pulling a hamstring, to two months later suffering painful knee problems. I went to a sports doctor and had some physical therapy. While this was effective to strengthen my hip, I still had problems with the right leg. Currently I have been off running and soccer for two months. The knee is getting better; I can do some light biking, but that is about it. Just wondering what might help.

Mark Hovan
Stillwater, MN


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